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Spring, 2010
Mus 121 Harmony I |Vista|Grades|
Mus 603 Analytical Techniques|Vista|Grades|

Taught in the fall of 1997, there are no plans to teach this course again. It is archived here for historical purposes, the first asynchronous web course to be taught at NAU.


Music Instructional Software

Online Computer-Assisted Instruction

These three drills require JavaScript-enabled browsers (created on Mac using Netscape 4.06). Scores are broken down by chord subtypes and may be e-mailed to instructors.

Recent browser issues: By all reports these pages work in all Windows environments (Explorer, Netscape, Firefox). They also work on Apple machines when using Opera or Apple's browser, Safari. Won't run on Apple machines with system 9.2 in Internet Explorer 5.2.3 or Netscape 4.76 through 7.0. The pages work on the latest version (7.1) of Netscape.

Hypercard Stacks for Mac

The following stacks are now pretty much obsolete. Hypercard is not playable in Windows or the new Intel Mac. But, if you happen to have one of the older Macs with system 9 or and iMac that will play in Classic mode, these should still be functional. How to download the above Hypercard stacks:
  1. Click the desired download link (above). This will put a bin-hexed copy of the program somewhere on your computer, either on the desktop, or browser cache or some other folder designated for internet downloads. To find where: use the "Find..." menu item under the "File" menu and search for the "hqx" string.
  2. Normally the downloaded file will have automatically unstuffed itself...that is, converted itself from a bin-hexed file to a Hypercard stack. If the Hypercard file does not appear, you may need to install the application "StuffIt Expander." If StuffIt is already installed, but the stack did not unstuff automatically, you will need to configure your browser to recognize the .hqx mime type as a file that needs to be directed to the helper application StuffIt Expander. But before you do that, try dragging the hqx file over the StuffIt icon.
  3. Double-click on the unstuffed stack to launch the program. If the program fails to open, this would indicate that you do not have Hypercard or Hypercard Player resident on your hard drive.
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