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Johann Pachelbel 1653-1706

Johann Pachelbel began his musical instruction under Schwemmer and later at the Universities of Altdorf and Ratisbon. In 1671 Johann moved to Vienna where he became student and deputy organist to Kerll at the Imperial chapel. In 1677 he was organist for one year in Eisenach--the city of Bach's birth eight years later. The following year he moved to Erfurt, where his son, Hieronymus, was born. While in Erfurt he taught Johann Christoph Bach, Sebastian's older brother and guardian in Ohrdruf when the Bach parents died. In 1690 Pachelbel became court organist at Stuttgart. Two years later Johann took his final post, in Nuremburg. Johann Pachelbel's repertory is the stylistic ancestor of J. S. Bach's, particularly his technique of chorale variation. Carl Philipp Emanuel named Pachelbel as a composer whose works his father had admired.

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