The year is 1112 and I'm.....

stuck in port yet again.  Unfortunately the navy found me after my last "retirement."  I thought that three terms piloting for the scouts would have been enough... But then there was the Fifth Frontier War and my continued work for the Scouts.  Unfortunately these memiors can't say much about what I did.  Let's just say it was "Hot.".

Collace... what a pile of crap.  A piece of ice and rock without any touch of an atmosphere.  If I'm going to be downside I might as well be on a vacation.  But my last job has led to this one and I've been given back a ship I got to pilot for a while.  Its an 800 tonner named Dora.  My only crew right now is my "daughter" Cylicia who is driving me stark raving mad.  I wish Sweets was still around.  Now if I can only find a reasonable crew and get out of this gravity sink before those I'm trying to follow figure out that I am...

 Personal log of "Skidder" Home.


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This campaign is being played in District 268 of the Spinward Marches. I am planning on fully developing this sector with full system information for each star system. this will include planetary layouts, main world maps, histories and other important information. I will be using previously printed and written information (GDW, Digest Group, RICE group, etc).

Start of Campaign: Day 52, 1112.

Player Character Name Race UPP Profession Notes
Kyra Sharik Resteff Vilani 8A5CB9 Navy Out of Play 
Ian Trow Backet Solomani C5B96A Merchant Out of Play 
Dan Gaz Donnerkindt Solomani 8C788A Marine Deceased
Gary "Skidder" Home Solomani ??????2 Scout  
Paul Ganidiirsi hault-Reitan Vilani 99489C Army  
Lisa Anicia Pantabreve Vilani 7A8A89 Other  
Julie Talia Calcidor Vilani 798B95 Marine  
Bob Gvoudzon Vargr 788768 Emissary  
Dan Larin Vilani   Scout  
Margo Solomani 6ABA83 Merchant

Log of Play

Play started with the players split into three groups. Skidder, Cylishia, and Gvoudzon were in one group. Sharik, Trow and Anicia were in a second group and the rest in the third. Play started with the second group sitting in a bar bemoaning their state of affairs. The fairly quickly went to the boards to look for work. They noticed a flyer about Gvoudzon and then located an add for crew put up by a Cpt. Cylishia. The add would lead the group to a seedy starport bar. The second group (all ex-marines and army) was in the bar and ended up meeting Skidder, Cylishia and the Vargr. Needless to say both the second and third groups were hired and given basic skills tests to see if they could handle the work. They were also given a task to see if they could handle it. They were to break into a starport hotel room and *obtain* information. Well, after lots of rangling they managed to do it but got caught on the way out (they had to blow the door). A firefight insued where two of the members of the group were injured and two from the opposing group killed. Unfortunate for the group a report of the matter was made on the news... The scene ended with the starship going to jump pursued by at least three corsairs. And no, they can't make it to jump before being fired upon...
The group has visited a number of planets in the rimward portion of District 268 in search of information.  The group gets the idea that they may be onto some information as a number of attempts have been made on their lives.  The latest (although failed) attempt was against Sharik who was gunned down by unknown assailants in one of the space dock dorridors.

While on Mertactor and preparing for departure from the system they see an interesting news release.