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HA442 : The Class : Business Plan

Module 5: Restaurant Business Plans


This module is divided into 5 topics. To complete this Module successfully, please complete the topics in the order shown below:

  1. Products and Services
  2. The Market
  3. The Competition
  4. Break-even Analysis
  5. The Income Statement

This is the last module of the course.

To finish the course we will look at restaurant business plans.

Business plans are a group of comprehensive documents used in the planning of a new operation as well as examining an existing business. There are many aspects of a business plan that can help existing businesses. The sections of the business plan examine all aspects of the businesses and can be used to help set direction for the operation.

Different in this module, from other modules we will use the book I asked you to purchase, Restaurant Planning Guide, 2nd Edition by Peter Rainsford and David Bangs

Please read pages XI - 9, to give you an over view of business plans.

Your duty for this, the final module, of the course is to read the complete Restaurant planning guide. Your will have five assignments to do, based on the five topics of the module. To make the material more relevant to you l would like you to design a fictitious food service operation to do the assignments for.

Due to the limited scope of this you will be granted many liberties in your design.

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