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Business sell products and services. The types of products and services they sell differentiate one business from other. In food service the product and service that is sold is bundled together. The service [food production] is impossible to separate from the product food. The other aspect of service in a food service operation is table service. The role of the server, taking orders from the guests, delivering orders to the kitchen, picking up orders from the kitchen, delivering orders to guests, is not provided in all types of food service. For example, limited service or quick service operations bypass the server by having the guests ordering their own food at the counter.

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To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

Develop a description of the product and service your proposed food service operation is going to offer. Please include for me a brief description of the concept of your proposed operation, location and why you chose the type of operation you chose and why you chose the particular location

ASSIGNMENT 1: Looking at the products and services you will offer

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