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HA442 : The Class : Concept Development : Design Criteria : Design Evaluation

Design Criteria Evaluation

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Foodservice Design Checklist
Your assignment is to choose a food service operation and evaluate it's design. Using the following questions to guide you evaluation. During the process of answering the questions you will have to make some estimates or guess-timates for the responses on some of the questions. That's fine. Make the best estimation you can

I placed the all of the questions in one question on the webpage to save time for me in setting up the page and for you in responding.

In you response, answer the questions in the order they are listed, please paraphase the question in the answer.

Start your response with the name and location of your chosen food service. Please explain the concept if it is an independent operation I may not be familiar with, thanks

1. In your opinion, what is the profile of the guest the operation seeks to serve?
2. How long is the average guest's length of stay at the food service operation?
3. What type of menu does the operation offer and what are the menu choices offered?
4. What do you estimate is the average amount each guest spends when dining at the operation?
5. What do you estimate the ratio of kitchen to dining room space?
6. What type of seating does the operation offer?
7. What meals does the operation serve [Breakfast only, Breakfast and lunch, Lunch and dinner, or all three] ?
8. Describe the location of the operation using terms we discussed in the location topic of this module?
9. Does it appear that the space is allocated efficiently as to make it comfortable for the guests?
10. Does the design of the building [interior and exterior] show imagination and creativity ?
11. Does the design of the operation appear to be safe and sanitary for both guests and staff?
12. Does there seem to be a balance between practicality and appearance in the design of the operation?
13. What is the atmosphere of the operation? And does it complement the décor?
14. Is the operation [interior and exterior] visually pleasing?
15. Are the colors and lighting in the dining room complementary and to they enhance or detract from the dining experience?
16. Does the traffic patterns in the dining room appear to flow smoothly?
17. In your estimation is the kitchen large enough to serve the number of seats in the dining?

2. Now that you have finished the evaluation of the design of your chosen operation

write a one page paper on the strengths and weakness of the design.
Include any suggestions you may have to improve weaknesses.

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