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HA442 : The Class : Concept Development : Location Criteria : Site Selection Proj.

Site Selection Checklist Project

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There are many factors that go into the process of choosing a successful site for a food service operation. Many of the points were discussed in this topic.

The purpose of this assignment is to have you evaluate the site of an existing foodservice operation using the criteria discussed in the chapter.

Good Luck!

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. As a casual visitor to the operation you will have to rely on your sense of observation to determine some of the answers. When evaluating a competitor you often have to rely on your observation skills.

1. Describe the operation you have chosen to evaluate.[Name, location, etc.]
2. What is the concept of the operation? [ Use the criteria used in the concept topic]
3. What is the customer profile of the chosen operation?
4. What is the income level and other demographic characteristics of the guests visiting the operaqtion?
5. List what you feel is the locational factors used by the operation in choosing the site.
6. Is the site Accessible to guests?
7. Is the site Visible from the main traffic arteries?
8. Check with the city, chamber of commerce, or library to find market resource data for the area is operation is located. List some of the factors you found out about the location of your chosen operation.

2. Write the equivalent of a one page paper with your opinions of the site chosen for the particular restaurant you studied. Please make any suggestions you feel would help the site or the foodservice operation.

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