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HA442 : The Class : Food Service Control : Issuing : Evaluating Issuing

Evaluating The Issuing System of a Food Service Operation

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Issuing is the releasing of products from inventory to the departments or areas they are needed for production. In operations that have only one outlet[most restaurants] formal issuing is not needed since all of the food can be charged to the one outlet. In areas with multiple food outlets sharing a food storeroom there must be a way to accurately track the flow of food to each of the various outlets. This is important to track food costs for each outlet.

If you chose to evaluate an operation that only has one food outlet so formal issuing does not exist please indicate that in your response.

1. Does the operation use the formal or informal method of issuing? What are the characteristics of a formal issuing system? What additional labor is needed for a formal issuing system?

2. What policies are in place to track the flow of goods from the storeroom to the kitchen and dining room?

3. How would you evaluate the issuing system of the property? What improvements would you recommend?

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