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HA442 : The Class : Food Service Control : Ordering : PurchasingEvaluation

Evaluate a purchasing program of a Food service operation

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The best way for you to learn the importance of food service control points is to evaluate the various components in a food service operation. If possible find one operation that would allow you to complete the assignment with them. If not you can use several operations. If you switch operations please give me the general information for the new operation so I understand the context better.

I have bundled several questions in one question to make it easier for you to answer

1. General Information
What type of food service operation did you interview the purchaser from?

What is the name and location of the operation you are evaluating?

What is the purchaser's goal for the purchasing function?

Does the purchaser have other roles than purchasing or maintenance of the storeroom?

What criteria does the purchaser evaluate suppliers by?

How is one supplier chosen over another?

Rate the factors in order of importance?

2. How many suppliers does the purchaser purchase from?

Do they use master suppliers, or a series of specialty suppliers?

Why do they chose one method over the other?

Are purchase specifications available on the property?

Are the purchase specifications distributed to suppliers?

3. Are quotations taken from at least two different supplies?

Does the purchaser keep written track of price quotations?

Is the lowest bidder chosen, If not, why?

Are regular order days used?

How many emergency orders were placed in the last week? What were the reasons?

4. Are purchase orders / logs used? Why or why not?

Are weekly inventories taken?

Is a parstock inventory system in use?

How were the par amounts set?

How often are the par amounts evaluated?

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