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HA442 : The Class : Food Service Control : Receiving : Evaluating Receiving

Evaluating the Receiving Function of a Food Service Operation

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Receiving is where the ownership of the goods changes ownership from the vendor to the food service operation. It plays a key role in the cost control system of a food service operation. Unfortunately it is often over looked.

Evaluate the receiving function of a food service operation by answering the following questions. If you use the operation you evaluated the purchasing for just give me the name. If you chose an operation different from one you have evaluated previously, please give me the name, location, and concept of the operation, thanks

As with the other assignments I bundled the questions together.

What tools are available at the back dock for the receiver to use?

Does the receiver use the tools?

Does the receiving personnel use the specifications when checking in deliviries?

How is the amount and items ordered communicated to the receiver?

2. Does the same person that does the ordering do the receiving?

Are the delivery people allowed to put items away as part of the delivery process?

Is incoming merchandise weighed and recorded?

Is incoming merchandise checked for quality?

3. How are discrepancies handled?

Have any credits been requested this week?

Is their a follow-up procedure in place to ensure credits are posted?

4. What do you feel are the strengths of the receiving program?

What are the weaknesses?

What would offer for suggestions?

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