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HA442 : The Class : Food Service Control : serving : Reflections

Reflections / Recollections on Food Service Control Points

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This completes the control point section of the course. Yea!

It was surely long, but hopefully beneficial it the way it caused you to look at how the various areas and functions of a food and beverage operation inter-relate with each other.

The end of the course is within sight!

Once you finish these questions you only have one module left.

REMINDER: if you have not ordered the Restaurant Planning Guide from you need to order it now because you will need it to complete the last module.

1. Imagine this scenario:

The owner of the food service operation you work ats nephew wants to join the family business. You are given the job of 'teaching him the ropes.'

How would you explain the operation of a food service business using the control points? Limit your explanation to one or two pages, thanks! Make sure you include a discussion of how the areas inter-relate.

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