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Introduction to the Course

The purpose of this topic is to introduce you to the course and to the World Wide Web. Below I will include my teaching philosophy followed by some assignments to prepare you for the course.

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe for learning to be effective you must participate, not be a spectator. The more you participate in the learning process i.e. read the assigned material prior to class, engage in class room discussions on the material, spend time on class projects and assignments. The more you will gain from the course, hence the better grade you will receive.

My role in the class is as the sharer of knowledge, not just the disseminator or knowledge. You each have personal experiences to contribute to the course. All members of the class, including me, will benefit from your insight shared and participation in the class discussions.

Should you have any questions concerning your progress, grades, or other issues pertaining to the class, please let me know as soon as possible so they can be addressed accordingly in an efficient and effective manner. I do not believe in extra credit. I feel the different class assignments give you the opportunity to earn your grade in the course.

Learning Environment:

The learning environment appropriate for this course is based on a set of assumptions about you as an adult learner. You are responsible individuals and thus aware of your own capabilities associated with learning. Please manage your time and resources according to each assignment and to maximize your learning and your opportunity to maximize your grade. Using your own personal experiences can enhance learning. Try to share some of you experiences since they combined with your fellow class mates represent a rich pool of resources.

You are a unique individual, and thus your leading process differs from other fellow classmate. Please let me know what I can do to help you learn better. Please discuss with me any special accommodations for note taking or tests you may require. I can assist you in seeking additional information, and reference materials.

Some additional thoughts

By semester's end, I want you to be able to say, " I learned a great deal in because of HA 442." In my opinion, the likelihood of this happening depends on many things. From your perspective, I submit that it depends most of all upon YOU.

I believe that you are, in a sense, my customer / guest. I also believe that NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU LEARN. I intend to create, and sustain an atmosphere of open communication and mutual respect, which promotes learning opportunities for everyone in the class. As such, you will periodically be asked, "How's it going?" throughout the semester. I hope you will tell me when I ask. I further invite you to let me know even when I am not formally asking...via email, phone calls.

While I believe I can not make you learn. I do have the responsibility to influence you to choose to learn (i.e. through the readings, videos, guest speakers, class activities, projects and exams). I pledge to approach your opportunity to learn with enthusiasm and energy -- will you do the same?

Upon completion of this topic;
You will better understand my teaching philosphy,
You will have an opportunity to meet your fellow students in the class,
You will share your expectations of the course with me and your class mates,
You will have an opportunity to get familiar with a few web search engines.

To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1: Introduce yourself to your fellow classmates via the Virtual Conference Center
DUE: The first week of class

GROUP ASSIGNMENT 2: Your expectations of HA442 DUE: The first week of class

WEB ACTIVITY 1: Use a web search engine DUE: The second week of class

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