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HA442 : The Class : Overview : Introduction : Assign 1

Group Assignment #1

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

  1. Study the assignment carefully
  2. Complete the assignment as directed

Register in the Virtual Conference Center (VCC)
We will use the Virtual Conference Center using to do our group work in this course. In this assignment, you will register in the VCC, then go into the HA 442 Conference and introduce yourself to your classmates.

Click on the word "Communicate" from the image at the top of this page. On the Communication page you will find an introduction to the Northern Arizona University Online Virtual Conference Center. Print the instructions on how to register for the Virtual Conference Center. Then, use the button below to go into the Virtual Conference Center and register.

When you have registered, go into the Item entitled "Introduce Yourselves to Your Classmates" and meet the other students in the class.

You should now:

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