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HA442 : The Class : Overview : Introduction : Search Engines

Using Web Search Engines

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DUE: The first week of class

We will be using the World Wide Web as a resource for this course. This assignment will help you become acquainted with how to search the Web and how web pages are organized. I realize this may be too simple for most of you, so instead of complaining consider it the easiest points you have ever earned!


A word to the wise: I suggest you type your responses to this assignment as well as the remainder of the assignments in the course in your word processor, save the document, then cut and past your responses into the blocks on the assignment sheets. Save your documents by the assignment number, for example this is assignment 1-0-3.

1. Open your browser [Netscape,Explorer] and choose the 'search' key. In the search line,type the phrase "restaurant management" Read the descriptions of the first ten items that come up. Write a one paragragh overview of the kinds of sites that were found.

2. Now try the same search using a different search engine [yahoo, alta vista, etc.]. Are the results different?

3. Next open one site that interests you and write a one paragragh statement about what you found at the site and how it is organized.

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