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Customer Service in Foodservice Operations

Customer Service

Service is the reason customers come to visit most food service operations. Yes they go to eat, to fill a biological need for
nourishment, but they have many options for acquiring food besides going to a food service establishment. They can
prepare food at home, buy pre-prepared food from a grocery store or market, or possibly stop at a convenience store to
grab something quick to go. Instead they choose to go to a restaurant and pay upwards of three times the cost of the

Why are they willing to pay the premium? The reason is they are willing to pay for the service included with the food.
Customers dining in food service establishments seek service. They want to be taken care. Of couse the level of service
they are seeking is in direct proportion to what they expect to pay for the meal. Obviously, a much higher degree of
service is expected and delivered at a fine dining restaurant compared to a quick service restaurant where the food is
much lower priced. The preparation of the food, the delivering of the food to the table, and finally the cleaning up after the
meal, are all items that are included in the meal purchased.

Besides the items listed above there are things provided that are less tangible that can have a big impact on whether the
guest enjoys themselves. There are there are items such as; anticipation of their needs, attentiveness, politeness, and genuine pleasure working with
people that can have a big influence on whether or not guests have a pleasurable experience.

For many people the quality of the service rates as high or higher than the quality of the food when evaluating whether or
not they were pleased with thier dining experience.

The purpose of this module is to have you read and discover material from several areas that will help you build and
develop your customer service skills. The skills that will help you provide better skills to your guests!!

To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

In this module you will:
Better understand your personal level of customer service through taking several simple quizzes;
Analyze an article of your choice on customer service;
Read and analyze an article on customer service transactions in the Hospitality industry.

Most Important HAVE FUN!


This module is divided into 5 topics. To complete this Module successfully, please complete the topics in the order shown below:

  1. What is your Level of Customer Service
  2. The Role of the Customer in a Food Service Operation
  3. The Customer Service Transaction
  4. The Key Points of Customer Service

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