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The Key Points of Customer Service

Customer service is not rocket science. It does not take much to satisfy guests with service. Most of the poor service experienced in many industries is due to poor training, lack of caring by staff, and inexperience.

There are many points that make up customer service. Most are generic, meaning they are applicable across many disciplines, while some are industry specific. Employees that show concern and genuine effort in taking care of guests will prosper.

There are big differences between providing service products and providing retail products for guests.
Some of the differences are as follows:
1. Service is intangible
2. Service production and consumption must occur together.
3. Customers participate in the production of the service.

Produces and sells things
Produces then sells
Produces away from customers

Produces and sells 'experiences and feelings'
Produces when sells
Produces along with customers

intangibility: You often can not hold 'service' in your hand, you can handle the product of the service by not the actual service. This is what is meant by intangibility.

Simultaneity: Service and consumption occur together. You are not able to 'stockpile' service as you can physical goods.

Customer participation: Customers are part of the process. A host / hostess can not seat a guest that does not participate in the process

Myths of Service

1. Service economy produces services at the expense of others.
2. Service jobs are all low paying and menial.
3. Service production is labor intensive and low in productivity.
4. Service work is not a worthy pursuit for someone who values individualism.

Upon completion of this topic you will better understand some of the key points of service.

To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

ASSIGNMENT 1: Read about the key points of service and answer some questions

ASSIGNMENT 2: How would you solve the problems of customer service in foodservice?

ASSIGNMENT 3: One Minute Paper

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