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HA442 : The Class : Customer Service : Key Points : Improve Service

Explain how you would solve the customer service problems in a food service operation.

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You have know read and analyzed a number of articles on the topic of customer service. Know it is time to put what you have read to use!

For this assignment I would like you to follow the following scenario:

Your are the new manager at the XYZ Restaurant. At the first manager meeting the main topic of discussion is the numerous service complaints in the restaurant. The GM is looking for someone to investigate what can be done to improve service. You volunteer because of this exciting module you did in HA 442.

Your assignment: Prepare a 1-2 paper for you GM giving suggestions on improving service. Use at least one quote from each of the articles you have read in this module.

1. One to two page paper on how you would improve service according to the scenario above..

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