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The Role of the Customer in a Food Service Operation

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of running a food service operation the staff loses sight of why they are there and the importance of the customer in the operation

The customer is the key of the operation. It is often misleading to foodservice employees when they receive their paycheck signed by the owner of the establishment where they work. In reality the pay check should be signed by each of the customers that visited the operation in the last pay period. It is often a joke around food service establishments that "this would be a great job if it was not for the customers," well in reality there would be no job if it was not for the customers.

To help reinforce this important point I would like for you to read a couple of articles about service and share with me your feelings.

The objective of this topic is for you to gain a better insight of the important roles customers play in food service operations.

To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

ASSIGNMENT 1: Read two articles on service and respond

GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1: Read an article on the "State of Service in our Restaurants"

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