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The Customer Service Transaction

The key interaction in food service operations is the customer service transaction. The operation's employees interaction with their customers frame the customer's opinions of the operation and whether or not they will return and/or refer the operation to their friends. The better management and their staff understands the attributes of the customer service transaction the better they will be able to serve their guests.

This topic is based upon an article that looks at the perception of service as it is understood today and the attributes of the customer service transaction. You will access the article through a URL provided to you in the first assignment of the topic.

Each part of the transaction is looked at in detail where it is determined which of the areas management has control over and which they do not.

This article caused me to look at the customer service transaction in a whole different light, I hope it does the same for you!

Upon completion of this topic you will;
Better understand customers perceptions of service,
Describe the three components of the customer service transaction,
State the attributes of the customer service transaction.

To complete this Topic successfully, please complete the following activities in the order shown below:

GROUP ASSIGNMENT 1: Do assignment #1, follow the directions and enjoy!

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