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Attendance in Bb Learn

Bb Learn has an Attendance Tool that allows you to manually record attendance though, in a large class, this may not be practical.

Attendance functions can be accessed from the Course Management Control Panel under Course Tools/Attendance.

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When the Attendance Roster comes up, it will look like this. Student names have been blurred for privacy. You can decide the point values awarded for Present, Late, Absent (without excuse), and Excused Absent.


Tip: If you click on the table's column name, where it says "Today" a pull-down menu appears. If most people are present, choose "Mark all present" and then uncheck the people who are absent. That can save time.

pull-down menu

Automatic Attendance Recording: Another option for automatic attendance collection would be to create a required daily activity, such as a journal entry in response to a daily thought question, a daily one question quiz, etc. that could be used to automatically capture student participation in the gradebook. You could then create a summary column that adds up the days where the student has completed the activity during the allowed time window.

Attendance in Collaborate Ultra session: You can set up Collaborate to Record Attendance in Collaborate Sessions automatically.