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Calculating Totals in the Grade Center

There are multiple ways to calculate mid-term and final grades in the Bb Learn Grade Center. Total columns and Weighted Total columns are the two most common ways to do so. Also, see below for an explanation of how Running Totals affect grade calculations in the Grade Center.

Creating a Total Points Column

  1. Navigate to Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
  2. Under the Create Calculated Column menu, click the Total Column option.
  3. Name it appropriately. If you want a shortened display name for the Grade Center column, add this in the Grade Center Display Name field.
  4. In the Primary Display menu, select Score.
  5. In the Select Columns section decide if you will use All Grade Columns or only certain columns. NOTE: if you have calculated columns that subtotal columns, such as midterm, then choose the Selected Columns and Categories.
  6. If Selected Columns and Categories is your choice, you will see a new section appear: Columns to Select.
  7. Highlight the columns that you want for your calculation and move them to the Selected Columns area by clicking on the right-arrow button.
  8. Select either Yes or No in the Running Total section. Please read the information on Running Totals below to help you decide on which option you need to select.
  9. Click Submit.

Creating a Weighted Total Column 

A weighted column is a type of calculated column that computes a grade based on weighted percentages, rather than total points. For example, a semester grade could be calculated using the following formula:

Semester Grade = Assignments (40%) + Tests (40%) + Quizzes (20%)

If the course had 1000 points, assignments accounted for 700 "raw" points, and you still wanted assignments to be 40% of the final grade, you would use a Weighted column to resolve the difference.

    1. Navigate to Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
    2. Under Create Calculated Columnselect Weighted Column.
    3. Enter an appropriate name in Column Name.
    4. Select an option from the Primary Display down drop list.  For example, selecting Percentage will show the students their final calculated percentage in this column (e.g., 93%).
    5. To select the columns and categories to include in the equation, click on the name, and choose the right-pointing arrow next to the Selected Columns area. The top arrow controls the columns, and the middle arrow controls the categories to select. This will transfer the column or category to the Selected Columns list. Note: If a category does not have any assessments defined, then you cannot use the category option.
    6. Set the percentage of the total for each column and/or category. Ensure that all percentages add up to 100%.
    7. See below to determine whether you should set Running Total to Yes or No.
    8. Click Submit

Running Total Options

When creating any column that uses a Letter Grade you should know how the grade is affected when you choose either Yes or No in the Calculate as Running Total field.

More Information on Creating Grade Center Columns

You can find more information about creating and using calculated columns in Bb Learn instructor guide, which you can open in Bb Learn by selecting the Help link at the top of the screen. Select "Guide" for the Instructor's guide. Entering "Creating and Managing Grade Center Columns" in the Search field will give you link to the section that describes the variety of grade center options.