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Grade Upload to LOUIE

If you are using the Grade Center in Bb Learn as a place to record student grades, you can easily upload  Midsemester or Semester grades to LOUIE without having to enter them again. Once the grades are uploaded and approved in LOUIE, they are considered "official." 

Note: NAU requires instructors of 100 and 200 level 16 week courses to submit mid-semester grades.

Part 1: Bb Learn Grade Center

  1. Access the Grade Center from the Course Management Control Panel on the lower left side of your screen.
  2. Click on Grade Center and then "Full Grade Center."
  3. Full Grade Center

    External Grade Column 

  4. Any column, but only one column, in Bb Learn's Grade Center can be designated as the External Grade column. The scores in this column will be visible to students in Bb Learn's My Grades and Report Card areas. You can specify which column is designated as External Grade by clicking on a column's Action Link Action Link and selecting "Set as External Grade" from the menu. LOUIE sees this column automatically. 
  5. Set External Grade

  6. The External Grade column, which can be called Total (as shown) or given any name you like, will be indicated by a green check green checkmark. If you hide the column from students, it will show a red slash red slash symbol next to the green check and will not appear in the My Grades or Report Card areas.
  7. External Grade Column

    "Midsemester Grade" and "Semester Grade" Columns

  8. Optional: If you choose, you can create special columns for your mid-semester and semester grades that LOUIE will also recognize. Create (or rename) two "calculated columns" in the Bb Learn Grade Center.* Please use the naming conventions "Midsemester Grade" and "Semester Grade" to avoid confusion with other columns you may already have created. (For example, some people call their major tests "midterm" and "final" so we are avoiding using those terms.) If you create columns with these names, spelled EXACTLY this way, LOUIE will see them and allow you to import grades from these columns. 
  9. Note: For courses "migrated" from Vista, the course grade column was called "Final Grade" and this column will appear in your Bb Learn Grade Center. We recommend that you rename this column "Semester Grade."

  10. Set up the Grades column for export to LOUIE 

    1. edit column info

      primary display

      select columns

    Part 2: LOUIE

  11. Log into LOUIE with your NAU username and password. 
  12. Click on the Faculty/Advisor tab. 
  13. Faculty/Advisor tab

  14. Verify that the listed term is the one you want, such as Spring, 2011, Fall, 2012, etc. If you need to change the term, click on the change term button
  15. Select the desired term from the list and click continue
  16. Select term

  17. You will see a list of all your classes for the selected term. 
  18. class list

  19. Click on the grade roster iconGrade Roster icon to view the roster for a listed class.
  20. In the *Grade Roster Type pull-down menu, select "Mid-Term Grade" or "Final Grade" depending on which grades you wish to upload to LOUIE. 
  21. The *Approval Status pull-down menu should be set to "Not Reviewed
  22. Grade Roster

  23. Click the yellow button to import your Bb Learn grades from the  External Grade Column (or the Midsemester Grade or Semester Grade column, if available). In this example, the instructor has set an External Grade Column in Bb Learn, but has not created a column called Midsemester Grade, so the second option is unavailable. 
  24. Grade Import

  25. Once you choose a grade column to import, an Imported Grade column will be added to your LOUIE grade roster with the imported grades listed.
  26. Click the yellow copy buttonCopy button above the roster to copy all imported grades from the Imported Grade column to the Roster Grade column. Note: Copying grades into the Roster Grade column will overwrite any grades already in the Roster Grade column, so proceed with caution.
  27. copy grades

  28. Note that some grades in the Imported Grade column may be highlighted in RED – these "invalid" grades will not copy over and need to be entered manually.
  29. After you have copied Imported Grades to the Roster Grade column, manually change any invalid grades that did not import by using the pull down menu in the Roster Grade column.
  30. roster grade

  31. Once all grades have been entered in the Roster Grade column, click on the SaveSave button at the bottom of the page.
  32. Once all grades are entered and saved, change the *Approval Status pull-down menu to Approved and Save one more time.
  33. Your grades will now post automatically when the deadline passes. You can continue to make changes if necessary up until the deadline.