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Self and Peer Assessment

Blackboard has a basic tool for self and peer assessment. Unfortunately, there is no rubric integration, nor is there any built-in integration with groups, and evaluation type is written only.

With the Editor on, select Assessments from the menu, and pick Self and Peer Assessment

self and peer assessment

Important: Don't make significant changes to the Assessment or Instructions once it has been made available to students. Correcting typos or minor formatting issues is ok.

There are several steps in this process:

  1. Assessment Canvas
    • Write the Assessment question or questions.
    • Student Responses must be in written (short answer/essay) format and are submitted directly using the text editor or by browsing for a file.
    • For comparison purposes, you will also provide a "model" answer for each question.
    • After writing and submitting a question, pull down the menu button next to the question name to set the grading criteria, including points possible, word count, etc.
  2. Properties
    • Write the instructions for the Assessment.
    • Set the Submission window (start and end date/time).
    • Set the Evaluation window (which must be after the Submission window closes)
    • Set the Evaluation options
      • Anonymous reviewer?
      • Include self-eval?
      • Show results to submitter?
  3. When you're done, there will be a new icon for the Peer Assessment. peer assessment icon

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