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Test Extraction/Download from Blackboard

To get a test out of Blackboard, use Respondus. Good instructions are located here.

retrieve questions 

connect to bblearn


Writing a test offline

You can build a test outside of Bb Learn in a plain text editor, or in Microsoft Word or Excel, and import it later. This may actually be faster than working in the test editor, particularly if you're on a slow connection.

This video describes how to build a Blackboard compatible test in Excel.


You can also build a test in a plain text editor or in Microsoft Word if you follow a few simple formatting rules.

For multiple choice, write your test questions in the following format, indicating the correct answer with an asterisk.

1. What color is the grass?

a) brown
b) yellow
c) green *
d) blue

For more question types, view this sample Word document.

Save your questions in a plain text file with a .txt extension.

Use this web resource and copy/paste your questions into the first box, on the left.


Click the Generate button and the formatted text will appear in the second box, on the right. The result is identical to what you would do in Excel in the above video.

Click the Download button to download the formatted text file to your computer.

Upload Test to Blackboard

    1. In Blackboard, under Course Tools, choose Tests, Surveys and Pools, and select Build Test.
    2. Use the Upload Questions option.
    3. Select Browse My Computer and locate the formatted text file, which is called My-Blackboard-Test.txt, and the questions will be imported.
    4. Configure your test options as you normally would in Blackboard.