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For Instructors

VoiceThread is a tool for facilitating asynchronous discussions between instructor and classmates but, unlike the built-in Bb Learn discussion tool, your comments are posted as voice or video recordings rather than just text. This is particularly useful in language classes where pronunciation and recognition of spoken word is important, but research suggests it can also make a class more personal and engaging, since more of your personality comes through in your voice or video than in a typed comment. To learn more about VoiceThread, visit their website. If you are a current or past user of VoiceThread at NAU or elsewhere, or if you are interested in learning more about the product, please complete our survey.

VoiceThread Survey 2021

Licenses: NAU has a limited 750 user license for VoiceThread, which is paid for by NAU Online. This count includes both students and instructors. If you wish to begin or discontinue using VoiceThread, please let e-Learning know the course numbers and estimated enrollments so we can keep track of active users. Inactive accounts will be removed periodically.

I. Enable the VoiceThread tool in Bb Learn.

    1. To begin using VoiceThread in your BbLearn course shell, you will need to ensure that it is enabled in your Bb Learn Shell.
    2. Open the course in which you want to use VoiceThread.
    3. In the Course Menu's Course Management Control Panel, select Customization/Tool Availability.
    4. Scroll down the page near the bottom where you will see checkboxes related to VoiceThread. Check any unchecked boxes.
    5. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

II. Create Your VoiceThread Assignment.

There are four steps. Click on the links for more detailed instructions.

  1. Add a VoiceThread assignment (Build Content/VoiceThread)
  2. Set up the VoiceThread link (Use Assignment Builder for gradable assignments)
  3. Specify the required student action (Create a Post, Comment on a Post, or Listen to a Post)
  4. Grade student work (if you’ve created a gradable assignment)

For Students

There are three kinds of VoiceThread assignments: