Wilfred Owen Links - Chapter 34 Assignment

A quick search of the Web offers 3,363 sites connected with Wilfred Owen. Obviously, none of us could check all of them. So the following are recommended. Please, if you find a site which you feel should be added, don't hesitate to submit it for credit using the URL form.

As you are visiting the following pages, contrast the use of art as state propaganda for war and the use of art as social protest. Also, contrast the poetry by Ezra Pound and Wilfred Owen both in subject and style.

Bryn's Grove - War - Wilfred Owen, the Poet Soldier
This page is devoted to POW/MIA 's. Owen is at the very bottom of the page. Also, look at the links provided at this site.

Wilfred Owen Tribute
An excellent site with poems divided by the themes of: War Macabre, Lost Youth and Innocence, The Enemy has a Face, Tribute to the Dead and Dying. The photographs are from the Battle of the Somme Photo Archive which may be entered from here Battle of the Somme Photo Archive.

Dulce et Decorum Est
This is an article written for the Internet Writing Journal. Links to Teachout's and Hughes's analysis are at the end of the poem. Responses to the above article have been placed on a type of Newsgroup: Articles on Wilfred Owen War Poem.

Wilfred Owen
Site provides a good selection of poems. Make certain to click on poem, Dulce et Decorum Est, and then go to Owen Seaman's "Pro Patria" link at the end of the poem - or go directly there from here

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