Chapter 37 Supplement
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Paz Ashbery Allende
Synder Achebe Oates

General Background

Isabel Allende  "Two Words"

Gary Synder, "Smokey the Bear Sutra"

Chinua Achebe, "Dead Man's Path"

Joyce Carol Oates, "Ace"

Visual Art

Pop Art Assemblage Geometric/Op/Min/Neon
New Realism Social Issues Architecture


Pop Art

Warhol Johns Oldenberg Lichtenstein

Rauschenberg Nevelson Chamberlain

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-, photo)
Louise Nevelson (1900-88), Black Wall, 1959
John Chamberlain (1927-), Debonaire Apache, 1991
Geometric: Op, Minimal, Neon, Kinetic
Stella Riley Chyrssa Judd Noguchi Christo

Frank Stella (1936-), Agbatana III, 1968


Chryssa (1933-), Fragment for the Gates to Times Square, 1966
Total art
Performance Art Computer Art Earth Works

New Realism

Estes Close Hanson Morimura


Social Consciousness Art

Azaceta Mengbo Yanagi



Moore Pei Gehry

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