MAT 136h Calculus I

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Please purchase a copy of the textbook MAT 136 Calculus I Lecture Notes. It is available in the bookstore.

Alternate online books:
NAU version of Whitman
original Whitman
Michael Corral
Gilbert Strang
Paul Dawkins

Any standard printed Calculus book is useful.

There is a class discuss forum on BbLearn.


Test dates are going to be announced here at least a week ahead of time:
Calculators are not needed for the tests. Basic (not scientific) calculators are allowed. No other electronic devices or notes are allowed.
Please review the test taking etiquette.

Test 1 Thursday 9/23

Chapters 1 and 2:
Review: basic algebra, systems of equations, exponential and logarithmic equations, inequalities, trigonometry, equations of lines, interval notation, basic functions, domain, range, graphs of functions, function algebra, function composition, inverse function, function transformation.
New material: average velocity, average rate of change, difference quotient, slope of secant line, instantaneous rate of change, slope and equation of tangent line, finding limits algebraically and graphically, local and global continuity, approximating derivatives numerically and graphically, finding the derivative using the limit definition, derivative function, sketching the derivative function given the graph of a function, equation of tangent line, local linearization, direction and convexity

Test 2 Thursday 10/14

Chapter 3:
derivative of basic functions, constant, power, exponential, logarithm, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, absolute value, (including "proofs"); derivative rules, constant multiple, sum, difference, product, reciprocal, quotient, inverse (including "proofs"); definition of the natural base, limits involving \( (1+x)^{1/x} \) and \( \frac{\sin(x)}{x} \); log trick; sketching the derivative function given the graph of a graph;

Test 3 Thursday 11/4

Chapter 4:
L'Hospital, function analysis, derivatives of hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions, optimization, implicit differentiation, related rates, Rolle's Theorem, Mean Value Theorem,

Test 4 Wednesday 12/1

Chapter 5:
definite integral, geometric interpretation, Riemann left and right sums, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus (two versions), antiderivatives, indefinite integral, substitution, integration by parts

Comprehensive final schedule

Our department computer lab is in AMB 222. Computers and free tutoring are also available in AMB 137 starting the second week of classes. Math Achievement Program
Free on campus tutoring
Calculus problems with solutions.
Mooculus lectures.
Online function grapher.
Graphcalc, a free graphing calculator
Calculus tools on the web.
LyX a word processor for writing mathematics
Wolfram Alpha.

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