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MAT 316 Linear Algebra


Test dates are going to be here.
No electronic devices are allowed except basic (not scientific) calculators. A question on a test may ask you to state a definition or a theorem, to find an example or a counterexample, to do a computation, to prove a statement. You need to show your work.
Test Etiquette

Test 1 Monday 9/23
Sections 1-7 of the Summary Sheet, Chapters 1,2 of the Lecture Notes (except 2.6, 2.13, 2.14).

Test 2 Wednesday 10/23
Sections 8-12 of the summary sheet Chapter 3 of the Lecture Notes
vector spaces, subspaces, span, linear independence, basis, row column and null spaces, coordinates, change of basis.

Test 3 due on Monday 12/2 at the beginning of class. Available on Bblearn on Friday afternoon 11/29
Sections 4.1 - 5.4 of the Lecture Notes
linear transformations, kernel, image, matrix representation, similarity, eigenvectors, diagonalization, dot product, orthogonal complement, orthogonal projection, Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization

Text book:

The official text book is "David Lay, Linear Algebra and its applications". No homework is going to be assigned from this text.

Lecture notes are available at BbLearn. BbLearn opens on the first day of school.

Latest version of the summary sheet.

Some free online text books:
Paul Dawkins , pdf
Jim Hefferon
Keith Matthews
Rob Beezer
David Austin
MIT Open Courseware (video lectures)





Our department computer lab is in AMB 222. Computers are also available in our resource room AMB 137.
Free on campus tutoring
Linear Algebra Toolkit

Matrix multiplier

Problem of the week
Online function grapher.
Maxima, a free computer algebra system.
Graphcalc, a free graphing calculator
LyX a word processor for writing mathematics

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