Our Merry Little Band...

This site is dedicated to the study of military history of the Elizabethan period, English Civil War and the Scottish Border Reivers. Recently, we have also started reenacting Jacobite rebellion and French and Indian War. We are also quite involved with recreating the 42nd Regiment of Foot. The video to the right shows a small piece of Jacobite reenactment from the Prescott Arizona Highland Games. We are willing to come out and perform at Highland games, do school demonstrations, or join in at Mountain Man events as French and Indian War military.

Captain William Crawford (Reenactment name of William Wilson)

General Information

The picture to the right is from the 2005 American History Festival Held at Queen Creek Arizona. Captain Crawford is dispatching a British soldier with tomahawk and knife after volley fire at the opposing line and a charge by the British.