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These maps are designed to be either downloaded to your computer disk or printed on your printer through your web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer). The files are either in .GIF (Compuserve) format or JPG (JPEG) format.
- To download the file, click on the map you want, wait for it to load onto your screen, then select "File" then "Save As..." on your web browser.
- To print, click on your browser's "Print" button.

Map Source: Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map Server

The World - Equidistant projection, centered on NAU at Flagstaff, Arizona (Verticle format, 17k GIF)
World 2 - same map with Rivers and Lakes (19k GIF)
World 3 - same map with rivers, lakes and Latitude and Longitude lines (27k GIF)
(Equidistant means that distances measured from Flagstaff are the same in all directions.)

North America (17k GIF)

48 Conterminous US (19k GIF)

Northeastern US - Verticle format (17k, GIF)
Northeastern US - Horizontal format (52k, JPG)

Midwest US - Verticle format (45k, GIF)
Midwest US - Horizontal format (45k, GIF)

Southeastern US - Verticle format (14k GIF)
Southeastern US - Horizontal format (43k JPG)

Great Plains US (14k GIF)

Western US - Verticle format (13k GIF)
Western US - Horizontal format (40k JPG)

Alaska - Verticle format (14k GIF)
Alaska - Horizontal format (40k JPG)

Hawaii (3k GIF)

BLANK BASE MAP SOURCES World Atlas, which includes a very comprehensive set of blank outline maps for countries (and US States) and regions of the world. Try this website. It says you can use them for educational purposes. It has outline maps of the continents and countries.

Blank outline maps of the major world regions, as defined by the textbook, World Regional Geography: Global Patterns, Local Lives. Click on the chapters to access the maps, in .PDF format.

Education Place has both major world regions and a wide variety of subregions, both labeled and unlabeled in .pdf format. Click on the region name to access the subregion maps. (I heard that they can be edited in Illustrator, but I have not tried this.)

U.S. LANDFORM MAPS (click on map for larger version)

Need more Blank Base Maps?

- Education Place (Houghton Mifflin) - free base maps for personal and classroom use

- National Geographic Xpeditions - Contients and Country base maps with or without names and country boundaries - for classroom use, along with lesson plans and activities

- Create your own outline maps using the Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map Server - or - the Xerox Parc Map Server - or - the Generic Mapping Tool -

- Visit some of the websites listed on the's Outline and Blank Maps webpage.

- Search Google Images - type in a place and the word "map" to find maps galore on the WWW.


Here are some links to online atlases that may be useful for the geography of the US:

TerraServer - view and print USGS Topographic Maps and Orthophoto Quads of the Entire US

World Atlas of Panoramic Images - Beautiful oblique 3-D images of the the entire earth.

National Atlas of the US - by the USGS - this interactive atlas allows you to view a variety of environmental (including pollution) and socioeconomic/demographic data. It is not very good with placenames, but can produce interesting maps for analytic purposes. Click Here to see an an example of a map of New York state in which the following layers were selected: States, Water bodies, Lattitude and longitude, Shaded relief and Urban areas. (For GIS folks, you can also download layer in ArcView shape file format.)

National Geographic's Map Machines - contains several ways of obtaining thematic maps, including web-versions of the maps from National Geographic Magazine. Also topographic maps, trail maps, interactive maps, and flags with state/province/country profiles.

You can also try MSN Encarta Atlas or Mapquest,. For both of these you may need to adjust the centerpoint of the map, the zoom level, and the map size to get what you want (bigger maps take longer to load). When you zoom in to get more detailed information.

The Alexandria Gazeteer - allows you to access publically available maps, images, photographs and documents related to any place on the planet.(somewhat more complicated that the others above)

Want more Maps & Atlases?

- - A seemless USGS Topographic Map engine for the entire US - also give the Latitude and Longitude of places found in its search engine. Scales of 1:25,000 to 1:200,000 and three screen sizes can be selected. Includes 3 types of maps: Topo maps, Shaded relief maps, and Street maps.

- Geography Network's Map Page - contains links to free and commercial maps, as well as a map exchange feature

- Browse Odden's Bookmarks on Maps and Mapping (located in the Netherlands) and David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (the latter has a focus on N & S America) - you will be amazed at all the interesting maps that are out there on the WWW, plus more than you would ever want to know about maps and map-related activities. Great browsing, if you have the time!

- For the US - visit some of the websites listed on the's US Maps webpage; Historic US Maps webpage; both of which can be found from their general Maps section.

- For the World - try's Earth Photos & Images webpage; Historic World Maps webpage; and Geography Clip Art (maps, globes & flags); and the World Maps clipart page

- For digital GIS data, and information about creating GIS maps, go to ESRI's Geography Network

- For China you can download various GIS datasets of the administrative structure and create some of the maps you want, including coastlines and rivers. CHGIS has the entire empire as of 1820, continuous time series for 222 BCE-1911 CE.


If your map will not print even though it is on the screen, try the following:

(1) Click on Reload and then try and print it.

if that does not work:
(2) click on the map when it is on your screen, then try an print it.

if that does not work:
(3) right click on your mouse and select: "View Image" - the map will appear in a new netscape window - repeat step (2) above.

if that does not work
(4) Go back to the class homepage, access the map and try all of the above again.

if that does not work
(5) Right click on the map with your mouse (right button) and "copy" the image. Then open MS Word or another program, such as Publish and "paste"
it into the new application. Then print from the new probram.

(6) Save the map to your disk and open it in another program, such as MS Word and then print it.

(7) Reboot your computer and try again.

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