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This website summarizes on-going climate-change investigations at lakes in southern Alaska. Information is provided for each of the study lakes, including downloadable timeseries of hourly water and air temperature data. The goal of this monitoring and lake-core-based investigation is to (1) understand the primary controls on the sedimentary changes, and (2) apply this understanding to generate high quality time series of paleoclimate proxies.  This is part of a larger community effort to understand long-term climatic variability in Alaska and elsewhere in the Arctic.

This research was funded by the National Science Foundation awards:

“Holocene climatic variability in southern Alaska ” (ATM-0318341)

"Accessing climate- and lake-monitoring equipment, southern Alaska" (EAR-0820363)

"Coupled glacial and lacustrine evidence for decadal- to millennial-scale variability in the climatologic Aleutian Low, southern Alaska"(EAR-0823522), and

“A synthesis of the last 2000 years of climatic variability from Arctic lakes” (ARC-0455043)

In collaboration with:

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge



Arolik Lake water and air temperature 2003-07