This is Bill Grabe's home page. I am Professor of English and Chair of the English Department at Northern Arizona University.  I am interested in research on issues in L2 reading, writing, and literacy.  I am also interested in written discourse analysis, content-based language instruction, teacher development, and the disciplinary nature of applied linguistics.

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Recent courses

        ENG 105 Critical Reading and Writing
        ENG 121 The Story of English
        ENG 321 English Grammar
        ENG 587 Professional Development
        ENG 648 Psycholinguistics
        ENG 705 Seminar on Second Language reading
        ENG 706 Seminar on Literacy


ENG 121 The Story of English (Fall 1997)
This course describes the history, spread, and varieties of English around the world. It is an introductory course intended for first and second year students

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