Honoring Our Heritage  

Honoring Our Heritage

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Honoring Our Heritage

Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students
(Dedicated to the Memory of William G. Demmert, Jr. 1934-2010)

edited by Jon Reyhner, Willard Sakiestewa Gilbert & Louise Lockard
Copyright © 2011 by Northern Arizona University


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1. What is Culture-Based Education? Understanding Pedagogy and Curriculum
   William G. Demmert, Jr.
2. Culturally Appropriate Education: Theoretical and Practical Implications
   Navin Kumar Singh
3. Developing Culturally Based Science Curriculum for Native American Classrooms
   Willard Sakiestewa Gilbert
4. Problem-Based Learning: Valuing Cultural Diversity in Science Education with Native Students
   MaryLynn Quartaroli & Frederick Sherman
5. Developing a Sense of Place and an Environmental Ethic:
   A Transformative Role for Hawaiian/Indigenous Science in Teacher Education?
   Pauline W. U. Chinn
6. Culture-Based Arts Education
   James W. Bequette & Kelly Hrenko
7. Becoming Warriors: The Practice of Deep and Meaningful Learning
   Sandra J. Wolf
8. Panimatzalam's Voice of Transformation:
   An Indigenous Mayan Writing Project for Youth Activism
   Matt Oppenheim
9. Heightening Awareness and Strengthening Relationships:
   Implications of Public Policy for Aboriginal Students, Communities and Teachers
   Lorenzo Cherubini & John Hodson
William G. Demmert, Jr. Biographical Sketch
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