Indigenous Language Revitalization  

Indigenous Language Revitalization

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Indigenous Language Revitalization

Encouragement, Guidance & Lessons Learned

edited by Jon Reyhner and Louise Lockard
Copyright © 2009 by Northern Arizona University


Publication Information

I. Language in an Immersion School, a University, and a Home
1. Encouragement Guidance and Lessons Learned: 21 Years in an Immersion School
   Darrell Kipp
2. Wenesh Waa Oshkii-Bmaadizijig Noondamowaad? What Will the Young Children Hear
   Margaret Noori

II. Linguists and Language Activists Working Together
3. Someone Else's Language: On the Role of Linguists in Language Revitalization
   Margaret Speas
4. Must There Be Two Solitudes? Language Activists and Linguists Working Together
   Keren Rice
5. Linguistic Cages and the Limits of Linguists
   Lenore Grenoble
6. Language Renewal as Sites of Language Ideological Struggle: The Need for "Ideological Clarification"
   Paul V. Kroskrity

III. Maori, Hawaiian and Alaskan Revitalization Efforts
7. Changing Pronunciation of the Maori Language: Implications for Revitalization
   Jeanette King, Ray Harlow, Catherine Watson, Peter Keegan and Margaret Maclagan
8. Language is Life: The Worldview of Second Language Speakers of Maori
   Jeanette King
9. Reo o te Kainga (Language of the Home): A Ngai Te Rangi Language Regeneration Project
   Ngareta Timutimu, Teraania Ormsby-Teki and Riri Ellis

10. Indigenous New Words Creation: Perspectives from Alaska and Hawai'i
   Larry Kimura, The Hawaiian Lexicon Committee and Islik April G.L. Counceller

IV. Technology and Revitalization
11. The Pedagogical Potential of Multimedia Dictionaries: Lessons from a Community Dictionary Project
   Haley De Korne and The Burt Lake Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
12. Developing Intermediate Language Learning Materials: A Labrador Inuttitut Story Database
   Joan Dicker, Ewan Dunbar and Alana Johns
13. Indigenous Language Revitalization and Technology: From Tradition to Contemporary Domains
   Candace K. Galla
14. Blackfoot Lullabies and Language Revitalization
   Mizuki Miyashita and Shirlee Crow Shoe

V. Assessing Revitalization Efforts
15. Modifying Assessment Tools for Ganohsesge:kha: He:nodeye:stha, a Seneca Culture-language School
   Melissa Borgia

VI. The Contributors

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