Sustaining Indigenous Languages  

Sustaining Indigenous Languages

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Sustaining Indigenous Languages
Connecting Communities, Teachers, and Scholars

edited by Lisa Crowshoe, Inge Genee, Mahaliah Peddle, Joslin Smith, and Conor Snoek
Copyright © 2021 by the individual chapter authors



1. Introduction: Sustaining Indigenous Languages: Looking Back, Looking Forward
   Inge Genee and Conor Snoek

2. Why I Became an Advocate for Indigenous Language Revitalization
   Jon Reyhner

3. Centering Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Collaborative Language Work
   Wesley Y. Leonard

4. First Nation Student Reticence: Sorting out Positive Traditional Ways from a Negative Boarding School Legacy
   John Peacock

5. Anishinaabewin: An Epistemological and Research Method Framework
   Sharla Mskokii-Kwe Peltier

6. At the Convergence of Theory and Practice: Nourishing the Learning Spirits of Indigenous Language Teachers in Schools
   Heather Blair, Belinda Daniels, Noreen Buffalo, and Velvalee Georges

7. Collaborative Language Planning Project in Montana
   Mizuki Miyashita, Richard Littlebear, Susan Penfield, Alyce Sadongei, Leora Bar-el, and Irene Appelbaum

8. The Hopilavayi Summer Institute: A Tribal Model of Assistance for Ancestral Language Teacher Preparation
   Sheilah E. Nicholas

9. Language Planning: Planning a Future for Your Language
   Suzanne Gessner and Aliana Parker

10. Waabandan miinawaa Idan Anishinaabaateseg: See It and Say It Anishinaabemowin Movies
   Ricky W. DeFoe, Janis Fairbanks, and Margaret Noodin

11. Creation of Language Tests for Heritage Learners of the Labrador Dialect of Inuktitut
   Marina Sherkina-Lieber

12. Resources for and about Indigenous Languages: Examining Online Collections
   Leora Bar-el, Megan Stark, and Samantha Prins

13. Blackfoot Word Melody of Second Language Learners
   Naatosi Fish and Mizuki Miyashita

14. Blackfoot Blogs and Boutique Languages
   Eldon Yellowhorn (Otahkotskina)

15. Inuktitut Second Language Learning in an Urban Setting: A First-Hand Account
     Inuktitut Uqausituqarinngitamnik Ilinniaqpallianira Qablunaat Nunangani
   Anna Logie

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