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Margaret Cavendish Bibliography

Compiled by James Fitzmaurice,
Northern Arizona University 

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    Princely Brave Woman Table of Contents

    Contents for A Princely Brave Woman:  Essays on Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle

    List of Figures

    Notes on Contributors


    1    Introduction
    Stephen Clucas


    2             Contracting Readers: ‘Margaret Newcastle’ and the Rhetoric of Conjugality.
    Kate Lilley

    3            ‘How Great is Thy Change’ : Familial Discourses in the Cavendish family.
        Marion Wynne-Davies

    4            “Of Mixt Natures” : Questions of Genre in Margaret Cavendish’s The Blazing World.
         Nicole Pohl

    5           Autobiography, Parody and the Sociable Letters of Margaret Cavendish.
        James Fitzmaurice


    6    Writing for the Brain and Writing for the Boards:  the producibility of  Margaret Cavendish’s dramatic texts
        Judith Peacock

           Making a spectacle: Margaret Cavendish and the staging of the self
                  Rebecca D’Monté

    7           “The Closet Opened”: A reconstruction of ‘private’ space in the writings of Margaret Cavendish.
    Julie Sanders

    Part III : POETRY

    8            Imagining the Mind : Cavendish’s Hobbesian allegories
    Jay Stevenson

    9           Margaret Cavendish’s Poems And Fancies and Thomas Harriot’s treatise on infinity
    B. J. Sokol

    10            A Well-Spun Yarn: Margaret Cavendish and Homer’s Penelope
    Emma Rees


    11            Margaret Cavendish and Henry More
    Sarah Hutton

    12           Variation, Irregularity and Probabilism: Margaret Cavendish and Natural Philosophy as Rhetoric
    Stephen Clucas

    13           Margaret Cavendish, the Doctors of Physick and Advice to the Sick
                  Susan Fitzmaurice

    15    Paradigms and Politics: Hobbes and Cavendish Contrasted
    Neil Ankers




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