Spring 2005
James Fitzmaurice
English 230

 Introduction to Literature

In this course, we will spend equal amounts of time considering short fiction, poetry, and drama.  Along the way we will employ a variety of approaches, including those involving characterization, problems of plot and structure, description as it contributes to meaning, literary type or genre (for example realism and fabulation), and language or writing style. When it applies, we will look at biographical and historical backgrounds.  We will touch ever so lightly on some of the major theoretical approaches to literature from time to time.  The instructor will encourage student volunteers to read aloud in class, and the class will see snippets from a play by Shakespeare on video tape.  Indeed, the class will be invited to compare the experience of reading scripts to that to be derived from viewing performances.  There will be two brief critical writings, three brief papers, and three hour exams.