Letter by Aaron Fox to talkshow host Dave Ross 12/21/96
Ronald Kephart 12/21/96
Susan Ervin-Tripp 12/22/96
Two Missives from John McCreery 12/22/96
Charles Fillmore 12/30/96
Clarification by John McWhorter of his comments taken out of context by media, 12/30/96
Don Carroll 12/31/96
Don Carroll on "discourse"
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Cross-fire between S. Robertson and J. Sidnell 1/3/97
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Leanne Hinton 1/6/97
Mark Peterson 1/6/97
Aaron Fox 1/8/97
Rap Lyrics: "Why Is That?" posted 1/8/97
Aaron Fox 1/10/97
Ron Kephart's Posts to Anthro-L
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