COMPOSER'S TOOLS: Music and Nature
Selected Twentieth Century Works and Readings

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Bell, George; Wood, Megan; producers
			The Environmental Tourist
			video: VT4670
Beyer, Johanna		Music of the Spheres
			Recording: C7887
Bielawa, Herbert	Spectrum
			Recording: C7665
Blank, Allan		Thirteen ways of looking at a blackbird
			Score: M1528.B48s5 1972	Recording:  C7624 (also C6624)
Brant, Henry		Solar Moth
			Recording: C7084, side A	
Cage, John  		Perilous Night
			Recording:  C5891 (also C2341)
Chou Wen-Chung		The Willows are New
			Recording:  C6935
Crawford, Peter; Nicholls, Steve; producers
			The Great Encounter
			Video:  VT3831
Crumb, George 		Black Angels
			Recording:D723  (also C4967 C4483)
			Voice of the Whale
			Recording: C6616 
			Echoes Of Time And The River
			Recording: C6705 
			Haunted Landscape
			Recording: C7776 (side 1)
Debussy, Claude  	Preludes, Bks I and II(see titles for nature subjects)
			Score:  M22.D29	Recording:  C1562
			L'apres-midi d'un faune
			Score:  M1002.D28	Recording:  D16 tr 6
			La Mer
			Score: M1002.D28 M4 1905a	Recording: D152
			Nocturnes especially Nuages (Clouds)
			Recording: D152 
Dlugozewski, Lucia	Space is a Diamond
			Recording:  C6295
Ereira, Alan		From the Heart of the World
			Video: VT2803
Hamburger, Michael	Art as Second Nature
			Reading: PN710.H265 1979
Husa, Karel    		Apotheosis of this Earth
			Recording: C5682 
			(also C4936 for orch, orch score M1530.H95  A6)
Ives, Charles     	114 Songs: The Housatonic at Stockbridge
			Score: M1497.I5	Recording:  C5029
			Three Places in New England (especially second movement)
			Score: M003.194T5	Recording:  C3136
			Contemplations. The Unanswered Question
			Video: VT2937 (a lecture by Leonard Bernstein)
Ligeti, Gyorgy  	Atmospheres
			Score: M1045.L53 A8 1980	Recording: C7179 (also C2679)
McLean, Priscilla	Dance of Dawn
			Recording: C4984
Messiaen, Oliver	Chronochromie
			Score: M1045.M48 C5	Recording: C560, s2
   			Oiseaux Exotiques
   			Recording: C5750
			Des canyons au etoiles
			Recording: C4012
Partch, Harry		Daphne of the Dunes
			Recording:  C6512 (c1, c2)
Reddish, Paul		The First and Last Frontier
			Video: VT3837
Ravel, Maurice		Daphnis et Chloe Suite no. 2
			Score:  M1003.R25 no. 2	Recording:  C7314
Riley, Terry  		Music of a Thousand Springs
			Recording: D796
Rudhyar, Dane       	Stars, Granites
			Recording: C4540
Ruggles, Carl		Lilacs (in Men and Mountains), Portals, Sun Treader
			Score:  M1003.R8 M (Men & Mnts) Recording: C5653
Schafer, R. Murray	Ear Cleaning
			Reading:  MT6.S2825 E2 
			Reading:  ML3807.S29
Schoenberg, Arnold  	Sommermud
			Recording: C1456, s1 b7
			Five Pieces for Orchestra, op. 16
			Score: M1045.S363 op16 	Recording:  C7751, D38
Ung, Chinary		Tall wind
Varese, Edgard		Microfilm 319, 338
			Score: M1045.v32 H7	Recording: C4977
			Score:  M1045.V32 H7 Recording: C7767 
			(also C1132, v.1, c.2, s2 b2, C2646)
Wilson, Olly		Echoes
			Recording: C1757 
Xenakis, Iannis 	Metastasis
			Score:  M1045.x4m5, Recording:  C4440 s1,b1