Event List for Piano Sonata No. 8, III, p. 263, Burkhart

This could be seen as a sonata rondo. Why?

Carefully study the score and locate the following events. Determine the reasoning behind the labeling of events. It might help to form study groups.

A (rondo theme), m. 1, key?

transition, m. 18

B (first episode), m 25, key?
second sentence, m .33
third sentence, m. 44
closing sentence, m. 51
retransition (dominant flag), m. 58

A (rondo theme), m. 62, key?

C (second episode), m. 79, key?
Note the four-bar repeating pattern, a mini theme with variations.
retransition, m. 107 (note the pedal tone
dominant flag, m. 117 (see m. 58)

A (rondo theme), m. 121, key?
pseudo transition, m. 129

B (first episode), m. 134, key?
second sentence, m. 143
third sentence, m. 154
pseudo retransition, m. 167

A (rondo theme), m. 171, key?

Closing section (derived from first episode), m. 182
second part of closing section, m. 193
dominant flag, m. 199
coda, m. 203 (derived from A and dominant flag).

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