Harmonizing Melody

A harmonization should include chords that underscore the design of the melody. For example, the tonal design of the melody is supported through the repeated use of V-I progressions. Cadences provide musical punctuation and are strategic places to reinforce the key. This punctuation can be strengthened by closing on stable chords and using standard cadential progressions. The rhythmic outline of a melody can help one decide how to control harmonic rhythm.

Discover clues about the design of the melody through analysis. Analysis will help one find patterns of pitch and rhythm in the background of a melody. These discoveries can indicate which chord to use and when to use it.

Many melodies can be harmonized with only primary triads, especially simple folk melodies that feature strong tonal focus. Sometimes the simple clarity of primary triads is the best solution.

  1. Planning
  2. Sketching
  3. Testing
  4. Polish
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