GGR 362 - WWW Sites for Climatology (2005)



International Sites:


World Climate Research Program


World Meteorological Organization


International Research Program on Climate Variability (CLIVAR)


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO)


The Climate Institute


World Radiation Center


International Institute for Climate Prediction


International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project



U.S. Sites:


NOAA Main Home Page


NOAA Paleoclimatology


National Climate Data Center


National Climate Prediction Center


CPC Color maps


EPA’s Global Warming Site



National Geophysical Data Center


National  Data Center for Snow & Ice


National  Drought Mitigation Center




U.S. Regional and State Climate Centers:





Western Regional Climate Center


High Plains Regional Climate Center


Midwestern Regional Climate Center


Northeast Regional Climate Center


Southeast Regional Climate Center


Southern Regional Climate Center


American Association of State Climatologists


Arizona Specific Sites:


Office of the State Climatologist (at ASU)


Arizona Department of Water Resources




University Research & Educational Sites:


National Center for Atmospheric Research


COMET Program


North American Monsoon Experiment


Applied Water and Energy Balance Studies


Climatology at ASU Geography


Arizona Monsoon Sites


Mammoth Mountain (CA) Energy Balance Monitoring Site


Fluxes Over Snow Surfaces, (FLOSSI & FLOSSII)


University of Oregon (Great animations!)