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To register for this course, visit NAU Online.

If you have already registered and this is your first time in the course, you should:

  1. Make sure you meet the technical requirements listed on the help page and get the required plug-ins.
  2. Make sure you have a required NAU DANA account.
  3. Read Get Started to learn how the course will be delivered.
  4. Look at the overview of the course.
  5. Read the syllabus.

The majority of the coursework can be found within "the class." You can also communicate with others in the course, view additional resources from Cline Library, or get technical help.

This page is designed to provide technical assistance with this web based course. If you need help with the materials being taught in this course, review the material in question, check the Conference center, or contact the instructor.

New to the Web?

Visit the NAU ITS (Information Technology Services) Academic Computing Help Desk. You can call the support desk at 1-888-520-7215 or locally at (520) 523-9294 or Send email to help@dana.ucc.nau.edu

Computer Hardware

To take advantage of the multi-media elements in this web site, it is recommended that you have at least the following:

  • 486 PC or better, or Macintosh (PowerPC recommended)
  • Modem (14.4 minimum; higher speed recommended) or other connection to the internet
  • Sound capabilities (ie: a sound card & speakers)
  • Monitor capable of displaying at least 256 colours
  • Mouse and Keyboard


The latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer can be downloaded and used for free.

Throughout the course, you may be asked to send email to the instructor or other students. Make sure your browser is configured properly.

Student Internet Access

New students are required to obtain an account on the student unix computer DANA. DANA gives NAU students, who agree to abide by proper ethical standards, access to the internet including electronic mail, the Cline library on-line catalogue, world wide web home pages (httpd), and usenet news.

Accessing these sort of Internet services requires establishing an electronic identity (essentially an electronic mail address). This can be done by acquiring a computer account on the DANA machine. Any currently enrolled student, who is willing to use these resources responsibly, is permitted an account on the DANA machine.

If you are an Arizona Resident, NAU has several local modem pools throughout the state. If these modem numbers are not local to your area, you should select a local internet service provider (ISP) to avoid long distance phone charges.

You are responsible for paying any phone charges (long distance and local) and ISP fees incurred as a result of taking this web course.


The plug-ins required for this course are listed below. Unless noted otherwise, all plug-ins are available on the internet for free.

Though each plug-in differs, you will generally need to download and then install each plug-in before you can use it.

For each type of plug-in a small sample file has been created. Click the links to these files to see if you can view each media type.

E-mail M. Dereshiwsky at statcatmd@aol.com
Call M. Dereshiwsky at (520) 523-1892


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