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Get Started

To register for this course, visit NAU Online.

If you have already registered and this is your first time in the course, you should:

  1. Make sure you meet the technical requirements listed on the help page and get the required plug-ins.
  2. Make sure you have a required NAU DANA account.
  3. Read Get Started to learn how the course will be delivered.
  4. Look at the overview of the course.
  5. Read the syllabus.

The majority of the coursework can be found within "the class." You can also communicate with others in the course, view additional resources from Cline Library, or get technical help.

New students are required to obtain an account on the student unix computer DANA. DANA gives NAU students, who agree to abide by proper ethical standards, access to the internet including electronic mail, the Cline library on-line catalogue, world wide web home pages (httpd), and usenet news.

Accessing these sort of Internet services requires establishing an electronic identity (essentially an electronic mail address). This can be done by acquiring a computer account on the DANA machine. Any currently enrolled student, who is willing to use these resources responsibly, is permitted an account on the DANA machine.

How the Course is Taught

EDR725, "Qualitative Research" is divided into 0 modules, and each of these modules contains one or more topics. You should read and complete each topic in order.

Generally, each topic will consist of required reading(s) from the textbook, presentation of online materials, online activities and assignments, and some form of communication.

See an overview of the modules, topics, and activities for this course.
(You should print the overview and check off each item as you complete it).

How the Course is Organized

EDR725, "Qualitative Research" is organized into a few main areas. Buttons for these main areas appear on every page throughout the course. These main areas are:

  • Help
    The help page is designed to help you deal with thechnical issues and problems related to this course.

    For assistance with the content of the course, review the material on line and in your text book, contact your classmates, or contact the instructor.

  • Get Started
    This is the Get Started Page. "Attending" a course over the internet is different than attending a course on a traditional campus. This page will help you learn how readings, assignments, communication, and other course functions are handled in a virtual classroom environment.

  • Syllabus
    The syllabus contains important information about the course. As with any course, you should read the syllabus carefully before beginning any course work.

  • The Class
    This is likely where you will spend most of your time. Required readings, online lessons, assignments, and activities are presented in this area.

  • Communicate
    To communicate with any member of the course - student(s) or instructor - visit the comunicate page.

  • Library
    The NAU Cline Library has collected many resources available to students enrolled in Qualitative Research. These and other resources are available from the library page. If you find something you think should be included, please send me email.

Required Readings

Throughout the course, required textbook readings are marked in the following manner:

TEXTBOOK READING: pages 112-180.

You are also required to read all of the online lessons. These lessons are marked throughout the course in this manner:

ON-LINE LESSON: Introduction to Qualitative Research


Most of the topics in this course have at least one assignment. You must complete each of the assignments to pass the course. The method of completing assignments will vary.

See an overview of the modules, topics, and activities for this course.
(You should print the overview and check off each item as you complete it).

Each assignment is marked with this icon

Web Activities

Throughout EDR725 you will be asked to complete activities using the internet. You will either be directed to material on the web, or you will be asked to search the web for information on a pa

rticular topic.

Each web activity is marked with this icon


Communication is an important part of EDR725. You will be expected to communicate frequently with other students, work in groups, and communicate with the instructor.

Group activities will be conducted using the NAU Online Conference Center, via Email or through newsgroups. Links to each of these can be found on the communicate page.

Links to students, the instructor, and other types of communication can be found on the communicate page.

E-mail M. Dereshiwsky at statcatmd@aol.com
Call M. Dereshiwsky at (520) 523-1892


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