Research activities

Photo of Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines, in eruption June, 1991,
courtesy Dave Harlow, USGS

A Basic Guide to the Research Pages

My research ranges from exploration of the interaction of volcanism and tectonics seen in volcanic successions, to the interaction of volcanism and paleotopography seen in sedimentary successions and their relation to tectonics, to just plain physical volcanology. Those categories may work to define what I do, so if you are more interested in one, click on it.

Volcanism and tectonics in volcanic successions (why do volcanoes erupt where they do, and what is that telling you about mantle processes?)
Volcanism and paleotopography (what does volcanic material in sedimentary strata some distance from the arc tell you about what the arc was like and what the topography was like between arc and where its detritus came to rest?)
Physical volcanology (how do volcanoes erupt and what internal factors make them erupt in those particular ways?)


New projects in the works

Another way to get at something perhaps you've heard about is by topic:

mid-Tertiary domes in central Arizona
Triassic southern Arizona
Chinle, Buckskin, Vampire, and related formations

The following are sites that have information about volcanoes or research on volcanoes:

  • link here to Michael Ort's home page. Michael Ort (Professor, NAU) is also an active researcher in volcanism.

  • The IAVCEI home page is another great way to find volcano pages

  • The Michigan Tech page keeps up to date on active volcanoes, and has photo links, etc.