Nandor Sieben

MAT 362 Numerical Analysis

Notes or electronic devices (calculators, cell phones, mp3 players, etc.) are not allowed on tests.

Test 1: Friday 2/23 topics.
Test 2: Friday 4/6 topics.
Test 3: Wednesday 5/2 topics.
Final: Wednesday 5/9, 7:30-9:30

Syllabus pdf


Lab 222 hours: 12:30-2:00 TTh, 4:00-9:00 MWTh and 5:00-9:00 T



- Due 1/22, 1/25 : WebWork assignment .
- Due Friday 1/26 : Create a web site that shows your name the name of our class (and nothing else) and send me an email to The email should have your name and the url to the website you created. I am going to ask you to put your programming project files on this website in separate directories. The simplest way to do this is to create an index.html in the directory /www/account_name on sgd. You need to create a file named .htaccess to make directory lists available. The created website is available at
- Due Monday 1/29 : Programming assignment 1: Data analysis .
- Due Wednesday 2/7 : Programming assignment 2: Nonlinear equations .
- Due Wednesday 2/14 : Linear algebra WebWork assignment .
- Due Wednesday 2/21 : Programming assignment 3: Gauss elimination .
- Due Monday 3/5 : Programming assignment 4: Multivariable Newton's method.
- Due Monday 3/26 : Programming assignment 6: Steepest descent.
- Due Monday 4/9 Programming assignment 7: Cubic spline.
- Due Friday 4/13 Programming assignment 8: Derivative.
- Due Wednesday 4/11 Programming assignment 9: Integral.
- Due Wednesday 4/17, 8:00am : Eigenvalues WebWork assignment .
- Due Monday 4/23 Programming assignment 10: Eigenvalues.
- Due Wednesday 4/25 Programming assignment 11: Inverse power.
- Due Friday 5/4 (for extra credit) Programming assignment 12: Wave.
- Due Friday 5/4 Programming assignment 13: Boundary value problem.


Unix commands.
Swap example program.
Matrixread example.
Function example.
Multivariable fixed point method. Contourplot with gnuplot.
Lagrange polynomials.
1-dimensional steepest descent to find minimum.
least square.


- University Unix machine through secure global desktop (sgd). You may have problems with certificate removal. You can try to use the removal program. You need administrator access. Call 523-8084 or email if you have problems connecting.
- Secure shell (ssh) for windows. Connect to or
- Xming, X window server running on Windows. You can use this with ssh to open remote graphical applications on Unix. You need to turn on tunneling in ssh. Xming is installed in our lab.
- Fedora Linux site. Having Linux is the best option on the long run if you need to do serious programming work.
- Cygwin A Linux-like environment for Windows. Includes the C++ compiler g++, the typesetting language TeX, ghostview, gnuplot, bash. It's free. Installs as a windows directory.
- C++ reference site
- C quick reference card
- C++ quick reference card
- C++ quick reference (longer)
- C++ library
- C++ syntax
- Standard Template Library (STL) reference site
- STL examples
STL quick reference card
Unix quick reference card
gnuplot documentation.
OctaveA free Matlab clone running on Linux and Windows.
- Numerical recipies A classic on numerical analysis. Free online version. Highly recommended.
- MuPAD A freely available computer algebra system, similar to Mathematica and Maple.

Book recommendation

- STL pocket reference
- C++ pocket reference