Paul Donnelly, PhD
Riles 115



Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Fulbright Research Abroad Scholarship, 1995-96 to India

CAL Teacher of the Year 2009-10

I teach courses on Asian religions. My specialty is Buddhism, particularly the Buddhism of Tibet. As part of my wider concern for understanding the dynamics of the intellectual history of Tibetan Buddhism, my recent work has been examining the ideas of a controversial fifteenth century Tibetan scholar. I am also currently interested in the establishment and development of Buddhist ideas and institutions in the US and Europe and the ways that various Buddhist traditions and their Western supporters and adherents are changing in response to one another as their histories and identities become intertwined.

Sanskrit Resources

Dictionary of Spoken Sanskrit: easy to use Sanskrit-to-English and English-to-Sanskrit

Monier-Williams Dictionary

Apte Dictionary

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