I teach the following courses, in rotation. Typically I will teach two or three of them in a given semester. Current and recent courses are hot-linked.


ANT 102 Studying Cultures(3); WebCT course. Introduction to culture and society: technology, social organization, and ideology.

ANT 301 Peoples of the World (3). Ethnographic survey of selected native peoples and cultures of the world. (former Ant 201)

ANT 205 Native Peoples of North America (3). Ethnographic survey of Indian societies in the United States and Canada, their cultural and linguistic development, and their current status.

ANT 309 Cultural Anthropology (4). Proseminar in sociocultural anthropology for majors.

ANT 390 Cultural Simulation: Mars Mission (4). Students collaborate to build and document a historically and scientifically plausible "working model" of the first permanent settlement on Mars.

See: The Solar System Simulation

ANT 547 The Study of the Future (3). Definition of the future; reasons for studying the future; people's development of interest in the future; state of futures study today.

See: Flagstaff Tomorrow: Four Futures For Flagstaff Project

ANT 599 Contemporary Developments (1-3).

ANT 600 Anthropological Theory (3). The nature and history of theory in anthropology.

ANT 616 Southwest Ethnology: Non-pueblo (3). Survey of Southwest non-Pueblo Indian cultures and their immediate historical antecedents.

ANT 609 Post-Internship Seminar (3). Emphasis on preparing and presenting internship reports and developing skills in report writing and presentation. Prerequisite: ANT608.

Other courses that I have taught include:

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