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Anthropology and Education: Indian Education and Internet mediated education

"Virtual Ethics <- Virtual Reality"
1996, Futures Research Quarterly, 12(1):57-70, Spring.

"Simulating Future Histories: The NAU Solar System Simulation and Mars Settlement"
with Jen Clodius, 1995, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, 26(1):95-104, March.

"Ethnographic Perspectives on the Computerization of Northern Arizona University"
1995, supervising editor; Flagstaff, AZ: Kwik-Kopy.

"Networked Pedagogy: Six Years in Cyberia"
1995, (see CONTACT below.)

"The Mars Course: A Technological and Societal Simulation"
1993, with Melvin K. Neville, in David Hartman editor, "Proceedings of the American Society of Engineering Education - Pacific Southwest Section, 1993 Annual Meeting."

"Kwakiutl Potlatch - A Classroom Simulation Activity"
1992, in Workbook to accompany Paul Bohannan, 1991, We, The Alien. Waveland Press.

"The Futures of Higher Education: Past, Present, and Future"
1991, with Melvin K. Neville, Futurics: A Quarterly Journal of Futures Research, 15(3&4):57-67.

"Program and Curriculum Review: NAU's Native American Indian Studies Program"
1987, in Margaret Hatcher, Ed. "Final Report: President's Task Force on Indian Education", Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ.

"Report to Arizona Board of Regents Study Group: Native American Indian Students at NAU"
1984, Arizona Board of Regents Tri-University Study Group Hearings, January, Flagstaff, AZ.

"American Indian Education: A Rite That Fails"
1979, Anthropology and Education Quarterly, X(4):236-253, Winter.

"The Uses of General System Theory"
1974, in UPSTEP Occassional Paper #4, Boulder CO: CUSSES/UPSTEP.

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Cultural Futures Research


"The Future as a Sociocultural Problem: A Personal Ethnohistory"
1998, American Behavioral Scientist 42(3):347-364, November/December.

"Anthropology about The Future - Limits and Potentials"
1991, Human Organization 50(3):297-311, Fall.

"Doing Futures Research - Anthropologically"
1987, Futures: the journal of forecasting and planning. 19(3):311-328, June. Abstracted in Futures Survey, #8779, 1987.

Applied, including strategic planning:

" From Description to Design: Ethnographic Futures Research Methods Applied in Small Town Revitaliztion and Economic Development"
1991, Futures Research Quarterly 7(1):17-30, Spring.

"The Future of Garbage: Four Alternatives for Arizona and the United States"
1989, in National Solid Waste Management Symposium Proceedings, Flagstaff AZ: Cocopai Resource Conservation and Development Area, Inc. Abstracted in Futures Survey, 12(2):9, February 1990.

"Two Roads Diverged in the Yellow Wood of Incrementalism"
1988, City and Society II(2):19-29, Summer.

"Better Guidelines for Speculation: A reply to Sam Cole's' 'Technology and the Economy After Fifty Years"
1988, in D. Buskirk, Ed., Arizona's Futurre: A Symposium. Az Department of Transportation: Phoenix, AZ.

"Flagstaff 2001:Multi-Method Cultural Futures Research"
1986, 47th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, 26-30 Mar, Reno, NV.

"Building Scenarios for Arizona's Future"
1980, in Gary Buckley, Editor Toward the Year 2000: Arizona's Future. The Arizona Academy: Phoenix, AZ.

Cultural Futures Research:

'Cultural Futures Research'
Editor 1982-19__ , the official journal of the Cultural Futures Research Committee, Society for Applied Anthropology, the Cultural and Educational Futures Committee, Council on Anthropology and education, American Anthropological Association, and the Futurology Commission., International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences; continuing 'Anthro-Tech: a Journal of Speculative Anthropology' (1976-1982) and 'Cultural & Educational Futures' (1979-1982).

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CONTACT: The Contact Papers

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"LOGLAN - The Option of Clarity: A Genuinely User-friendly Language for Humans and Their Machines"
1990, ETC: A Review of General Semantics 47(3):269-279, Fall.

"Circumscision: A Riddle of American Culture"
1989, First International Symposium on Circumcision, 1-3 March, Emerald Hotel, Anaheim, CA.

"Re-ReClassifying the Navajo Chantways Myths"
1986, 1st Annual Navajo Studies Conference, 20-22 Feb, Albuquerque, NM><

"The Human Mind in the Electronic Eye:"'Advice from the Caterpillar' and 'Origins of the Modern World'", "The Origins of the Modern I in Perspective","Origins of the Reel World", and "Blank Maps for Lookingglass Land".
1982, November, Phoenix Public Libraries and Arizona Humanities Council. Phoenix, AZ.

"The SupraNational Network of Boards of Directors"
1981 Current Anthropology, 22(2):167-172, Apr.

"Information Management: A System Model of Ritual and Play"
1978, in Michael A. Salter, ed. Play: Anthropological Perspectives. West Point, NY: Leisure Press.

"Myth and the Public Imagination: The Healing of Frankenstein's Monster"
1977, Conference on Extraterrestrial Anthropology, Society for Speculative Anthropology, 15-16 April, CalState University, Los Angeles, CA.

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